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Self-taught iOS Developer. Coding since 2016.


My career started as a solo iOS developer in a small startup, helping HoReCa industry to be more efficient and save money using newest technology. I was actively involved in development process of our apps, creating everything by myself (except design, that did our designer).

Then I moved to a hot startup, that was helping people to study languages. Again I was solo iOS developer and all of the iOS responsibilities were on me.

After that I got a chance to work in a bank with full team of other iOS developers. Great opportunity to learn from other professionals and build complex and interesting project.

Currently I’m working at another startup, where we’re disrupting industry by providing system, that makes industrial supply chains and maintenance warehouses efficient. We are putting into practice the learnings from the Theory of Constraints to bring the expected results for both distributors and manufacturers.

About me

In my free time I like to create my own apps and learn new technologies by doing that.

Since I’ve got into university and got a job offer at the same time, I’ve decided to concentrate all my efforts on the job part, and dropped out of the university (at least for now). But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like education! I just decided that I will educate myself. Thanks to the internet it is more possible than ever. I have a lot of books with tutorials on iOS development and not only. And I’m constantly learning something new and trying to improve my skills as a developer.

Outside of software development I like to read books, watch good movies, walk and pump some iron in the gym. And yeah.. video games if I have time for that (unfortunately not so often these days).

I love to create cool and useful apps.